18 dic. 2010

Me robaron mi título! (Otra vez...)

Pero esta vez es alguien mucho más conocido: Lisa Jane Smith; la autora de la saga de crónicas vampíricas.

Lean lo que publicó en su página web.
Esta en inglés, pero se entiende; y además capaz que si lo pongo en el traductor me sale cualquier cosa.

Lean especialmente lo resaltado en color.

(ACLARACION: NO ES LA NOTA COMPLETA. SI LA QUIEREN LEER TODA, VISITEN http://despertar-lisajanesmith.blogspot.com/ )

. . . The Hunters. I suppose this is because the core group will be going to college together, where they will meet new characters and find mysteries to solve, both occult and otherwise.

I don’t actually remember anyone suggesting this, but I get a lot of email, and my assistant is on vacation. So if you wrote in and recommended “Hunter, ” “Hunters,” “The Hunters” or something like that, let me know and I’ll check for your email and then send you an autographed book—of your choice.

I have to say thank you to everyone who participated in this—some of the titles were fabulous and I may—if it’s allowed—use them for individual books in the future. I really appreciate all the suggestions, which ran the gamut from gritty and down-to-earth to high fantasy. I’m so proud that my readers have such great imaginations.

What will the three individual books be called? Unless something changes, they will be Phantom, which will should be out in the summer of 2011, Moonsong, and Eternity. I'll post dates for the last two books when I hear them from my publisher.

Tendría que haberlo registrado!!!!

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